Is your deck’s surface looking a little ‘tired’?

Many homes in Peterborough feature decks built from pressure-treated lumber, and while it’s been a proven, economical choice, today’s composite lumber is quickly gaining ground. New innovations in different composite lumber profiles has enabled manufacturers to shed weight and material in making the decking while not compromising quality, allowing for lower price points while still maintaining exceptional performance and warranty.

We often chat with homeowners in the West End of Peterborough whose homes were built in the early 2000s and those decks featured 5/4” pressure-treated decking boards. With typical lifespans of between 15-20 years, they now face a decision about replacement. Fortunately, often the structural framing for these decks is still solid as the pressure treated lumber wasn’t exposed to direct sunlight. So the project consists of a relatively straightforward replacement of the top decking surface only – a great DIY project! If you’re unsure about your deck’s structural integrity, be sure to consult a professional as they can advise you of your options.

Of course, decking replacement isn’t limited to in-town homes as this is often the case for cottage decks and docks as well – from Buckhorn to Stoney, we work with cottage owners who are also looking at replacing their decking surface with something durable, affordable and maintenance-free. Our DecKorators line of composite decking may be the perfect solution as it’s available in different profiles, colours and price points.

Here are Three Reasons To Choose DecKorators Composite Decking For Your Next Peterborough Home or Cottage or Dock Project

Value and Quality

Although composite decking has traditionally been significantly more expensive than pressure-treated, innovation in manufacturing has enabled us to offer different styles of composite. This has narrowed the gap in price. While it’s still more expensive to install initially, its lifetime and limited 25-year material and labour warranties make it an excellent value when you consider that the average lifespan of a wooden dock or deck is about 10-15 years. When you add the time and materials needed for annual wood deck maintenance like power washing, staining and sealing – composite is an attractive time and money-saving option.

DecKorators composite decking will never split, warp or rot. It is resistant to insects, scratches and fading. Our hot summers and cold winters in Peterborough and the Kawartha’s can be hard on wood products. The freeze and thaw cycle can cause wood decks to warp and split. Composite decking is impervious to the elements and will look great for years to come. The bottom line is your investment will pay off over time leaving you more time to enjoy your beautiful deck or dock with family and friends.

Design Options and Minimal Construction Waste

Composite decking lends itself to many unique design possibilities – with a broad range of colours, the ability to be heated and installed in a curved manner and a hidden clip installation system that eliminates the need for screws- the design options are endless. If you need help bringing your deck dreams to life or inspiration, our skilled team at Merrett Home Building Centre is happy to assist with everything from design to installation.

Each board is designed to be uniform in appearance and quality, eliminating the need to sort through and discard boards that are split, cracked or warped. In addition, the innovative manufacturing process of DecKorators composite decking produces deck and or dock boards that are completely moisture resistant. This makes it extremely suitable for docks, pools and other damp locations. Build it once, build it right and forget about it.

Easy to Clean and Live With.

A composite deck or dock, once installed is remarkably easy to live with. Clean-up is easy. Simply sweep or remove debris with a blower- a scrub brush and soap will remove any spills or stains – and you’re done. It doesn’t splinter like traditional wood surfaces – and when combined with a non-slip, realistic wood grain finish provides you with a foot-friendly, beautiful surface for years to come.

At Merrett Home Building Centre, we’ve completed a major expansion adding more space and more products to serve you better. We have an excellent supply of DecKorators Composite Decking in stock. Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your deck or dock project. Contact us at 705.743.3553