Three Steps to the Perfect Peterborough Lawn

A little prep goes a long way. Spring and Fall are the ideal time to give your lawn some necessary TLC. With a little preparation, you’ll be enjoying time in our yards with family and friends. A lush, healthy lawn is the perfect complement to your home’s outdoor appeal.  Now is the time to undertake some basic lawn maintenance which will reward you with a beautiful lawn all summer. We’ve created this simple video to help demonstrate the following three steps.

Step One – Aerating the soil.

Renting an aerator is one of the simplest yet most effective things you can do to promote a healthy lawn. It removes ‘plugs’ of soil that encourage water and air penetration, down into the root system. The plugs dry out on the surface, top dressing the surface with soil. At Merrett Home Hardware, you can rent an aerator that is easy to use and very effective. Often neighbours will rent it together and share in the costs as you can aerate an average lawn in about an hour. You can pick it up or we can arrange delivery.

Step Two – Overseeding

Applying new seed to your existing lawn in the Spring is a great way to help choke out weed growth and have a full lawn. The damp spring is a perfect time and the aerated lawn surface will encourage the grass seed to grow. Don’t forget to seed in the fall as well. The moisture and cool evenings of the fall create an ideal environment to promote seed growth. Even though it will be stalled by the winter months, seeding in fall can help kick-start your lawn in the following spring.

There are many different seed varieties – our staff will help you select the best seed for your lawn.

Step Three – Fertilizer

You can apply a Starter Fertilizer which can be applied immediately after overseeding. It will help boost seed growth. After about 6 weeks, or as soon as you see the new grass seedlings become established, you can apply regular fertilizer. The type of fertilizer you use depends on the time of year and your goals. There are three numbers on the fertilizer bag that corresponds to the makeup of the fertilizer. These include Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. The helpful, knowledgeable staff at Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre can help you get the perfect mix. Stop in and have a chat to discuss what you’re trying to accomplish.  We also rent fertilizer spreaders so you don’t have to buy and store one.

For more spring lawn care tips see our article on revitalizing your lawn.

So, having the Perfect Peterborough Lawn is as simple as following these three steps. It’s not complicated, and we rent all the tools necessary, so why not make it your next ‘do it yourself’ project? It starts with a visit to Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre and a chat with our friendly staff. For over 25 years, we’ve been helping homeowners in Peterborough with all their home improvement projects. Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre – 1460 Lansdowne Street, West