Making your Deck or Dock Shine (Again!)

Title Card for eco friendly Refinishing your deck video

Your deck or dock takes a real beating here in the Peterborough area – damage from extreme heat fluctuations, ranging from freezing cold winters to blistering summer heat, can dramatically impact its life. Add in the impacts of snow and rain, causing the wood to go through many soaking/drying cycles in a year – and […]

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Three Steps to the Perfect Peterborough Lawn

It’s finally Spring and soon we’ll be enjoying time in our yards with family and friends. A lush, healthy lawn is the perfect complement to your home’s outdoor appeal.  Now is the time to undertake some basic lawn maintenance which will reward you with a beautiful lawn all summer. We’ve created this simple video to […]

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How to Achieve the Best Lawn on the Block

After a relentless winter in Peterborough with snow falling into mid-March, it’s finally time to start planning those outdoor projects for the season. As your grass (or what’s left of it) is revealed, it’s important to refresh your lawn sooner than later. Spring is a sensitive time for your yard, but with a few hours […]

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