How to Achieve the Best Lawn on the Block

After a relentless winter in Peterborough with snow falling into mid-March, it’s finally time to start planning those outdoor projects for the season. As your grass (or what’s left of it) is revealed, it’s important to refresh your lawn sooner than later. Spring is a sensitive time for your yard, but with a few hours of yard work you can easily breathe new life into your lawn.

Follow these tips to get rid of weeds and kick-start your lawn’s growth:

A quick spring clean will encourage healthy grass growth.

Once the soil is visibly dry, remove any leaves or fallen debris off your lawn. Avoid heavy yard work until the soil dries out as you could potentially disturb soggy soil and damage new grass shoots.

Apply fertilizer after cutting your grass for the first time.

To apply the fertilizer evenly: fill your fertilizer spreader, use half of the fertilizer walking in one direction, then apply the rest in opposite walking directions. Use enough to spread it evenly – using too much fertilizer will help nurture certain weeds.

Spread high-quality grass seed on worn down areas.

To get the best results from seeding, there are four essential rules to follow:

  • Make sure all seeds make direct contact with the soil
  • Use high-quality grass seeds from a trusted local retailer
  • Do not let the soil dry out for 3-4 weeks after seeding
  • Buy a mix of perennial and annual grass seed

Aerate your lawn to encourage new growth.

Aerate when the soil is moist – the day after a rain shower is perfect or you could water your lawn before aerating. Visit our store to rent an aerator and get all the information you need for your job from our expert staff.

Work fertilizers into the soil by rototilling.

Before tilling, water the soil enough so that it soaks about 2 inches deep, then let it partially dry out before starting. The soil is ready when it no longer holds together in a clump.  If you don’t own a rototiller, you can rent one from Merrett Home Hardware.

Crowd out weed problems before they start.

Water your grass infrequently to avoid weed growth. Lawns need about an inch of water per week. Set an empty can of tuna on the grass while watering to determine when you’ve applied the right amount. Setting your mower at the highest level (usually between 2 and 4 inches) will also help discourage weeds by allowing your grass to produce more nutrients.

The staff at Merrett Home Hardware Peterborough can supply you with all the rental equipment and advice you need to properly care for your lawn this spring.

Give us a call or visit us in-store to discover huge savings on spring lawn care products and equipment rentals.