5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Lawn’s Growth This Spring

The snow has melted. The air is crisp. And the birds are chirping – It’s finally spring time in Peterborough.

As your lawn is revealed for the first time in what feels like forever, it’s important to address a few important spring tasks to kick-start your lawn’s growth. Spring is a sensitive time for your yard – follow these 5 tips on how to take care of your lawn during spring time.

  • Do a quick, but gentle clean up.

Once the soil is visibly dry, remove any leaves or fallen debris off your lawn. Gently use a rake to fluff up and separate the grass shoots. Avoid doing any heavy yard work until the soil dries out as you could potentially disturb soggy soil and damage new grass shoots. A quick spring clean will encourage healthy lawn growth.

  • Fertilize when the soil reaches 13 degrees (Celsius)

First things first, you’ll need to rent a high-quality fertilizer spreader. Apply the fertilizer right after you cut the grass on a day that’s not very windy. To apply the fertilizer evenly, use half of the fertilizer in the spreader first, and then apply the other half in opposite walking directions. This trick is used by the pros on professional golf courses and baseball fields!

  • Make way for a beautiful lawn by aerating.

Aerating will allow air and water to reach the root system of your lawn, resulting in vigorous new growth this spring season. Try to aerate when the soil is moist –  the day after a rain shower would be perfect, but you could water your lawn a day before too. Aerating is a perfect DIY job for a Saturday or Sunday morning. You can rent an aerator and get all the expert advice you need for your aeration job from Merrett Home Hardware.

  • Seed your lawn based on its unique conditions.

Whether you need to repair small areas that have been worn down by foot traffic or you need to get most of your lawn back on its feet, there are four essential rules to follow when applying grass seed.

  • Make sure all seeds make direct contact with the soil
  • Use high-quality grass seeds from a trusted local retailer
  • Apply enough water after seeding for proper germination
  • When choosing the grass seed blend, always look at the mix of perennial and annual seed on the bag. You want some of the seed to grow back next year as well!
  • Breathe new life into your lawn by rototilling.

Rototilling will help work fertilizers into your soil to produce a lush, green lawn. If you don’t own a rototiller, you can rent one from Merrett Home Hardware. Before tilling, water the soil enough to soak about 2 inches deep and then let it dry out before starting. The soil is ready for tilling when it no longer holds together in a clump. Rototillers are commonly set to go 4 to 6 inches deep, but settings can vary based on your lawn’s conditions. It’s best to consult with our staff before using.


The staff at Merrett Home Hardware Peterborough can supply you with all the rental equipment you need to properly care for your lawn.

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