Countertops: How to Transform Your Kitchen on a Budget

Are you looking to update the look and feel of your kitchen without breaking the bank? With the average kitchen reno in a detached home clocking in at upwards of $15K, it can seem difficult to make a big impact without going all in. But with some smart planning and help from our kitchen experts, it is possible! Updating your countertops is a smart and effective way to transform your kitchen on a budget.

Our kitchen design professionals have put together the best and most affordable ways to renovate your countertops. Here’s how:


Take advantage of a new era of laminate countertops.

Back in the day laminate countertops were perceived as ugly and boring, but nowadays our customers are shocked to learn discover how stylish and durable our modern laminate countertops are. The styles, shapes, and colours have come a long way over the years. You can have the same look as granite for a small fraction of the price. Not only has the look of laminate countertops improved, but they won’t stain or fade and they’re stronger than ever!

Choose a colour and style that coordinates with your cabinets, flooring and backsplash.

Whether it’s cool, grayish blue tones to match your white cabinets, or a darker style with subtle white vein running through it, we carry a laminate countertop perfect for your kitchen. There are ten different finishes to choose from that have been designed to mimic natural marble and granite patterns. You can achieve the exact look of marble for less, without the headaches of ongoing maintenance.

Customize your countertop based on the existing layout of your kitchen.

Unlike granite and quartz, the shape and size of laminate material is much easier to customize. By choosing laminate for your new countertop you can have them cut to fit the exact size of your existing cabinets. And when it comes to the edges of your new countertop, choose from a variety of finishes including rounded edges, wood, stone, and other edging profiles. For the perfect finishing touch add a new, modern kitchen sink at the same time as your countertop.

The kitchen design professionals at Merrett Home Hardware are ready to help you transform your kitchen with new countertops. We’ll measure your existing kitchen layout, install your new countertops, and get rid of the old ones for you.

To get your kitchen renovation project started, visit us at 1460 Lansdowne Street West in Peterborough!