The Newest Developments in Deck Building Innovation!

New inventions and developments in deck building have influenced the scene drastically over the last twenty years. These inventions have sped up the deck building process and made it easier for DIY deck builders to turn your dream into reality. At Merrett Home Hardware, we’re happy to supply some of the most innovative deck building tools on the market. Because in Peterborough and Kawartha’s, we’re blessed by the beautiful neighbourhoods we live in. Why not extend your living space outside and enjoy some of that wonderful Peterborough ambience?

We’ve compiled some helpful information and tips you can use when planning and building a new deck!


Make Use of New Technology

Tools like Post Level’s for easy levelling, Fastener Systems with no visible fasteners, Waterproof Joist Guards, Joist Hanger Nails, Connector Screws, and footing moulds are just some of the new solutions available. It’s really enabling consumers to build their own decks with limited building experience. You’ll want to check local building codes but again, if you have questions, come see our friendly expert staff – At Merrett Home Hardware, we’ve got you covered!

Project Planning

With new technology comes new solutions to difficult tasks. It’s always best to start with a trip to the lumber store. Here you can learn about alternative products that save you time and money. Ask about the “Bigfoot” Concrete Footing Forms…a great solution to sonotube frost lifting!

Add Value to your Home

Real estate in Peterborough is red hot. People are moving to Peterborough for its ambience and small-town atmosphere. Make use of new technology, enjoy the natural ambience of Peterborough, and add more value to your home with a beautiful new deck.

Choosing the Right Materials

Advancements in decking materials are rapidly changing the marketplace. While just a few years ago, most lumber stores in town stocked cedar and pressure treated lumber, recent advancements with both composite and pressure treated lumber have made your choice even easier. Brown pressure treated lumber has the look of cedar at much more affordable rates! It can often outperform cedar and makes a good choice for docks as well. Customers are shocked when they see it learn that it’s not cedar but actually pressure treated lumber!

If you’re looking for a premium decking product, look no further than our Moisture Shield Composite Decking – dimensionally stable while featuring the durability to outperform traditional lumber. And let’s not forget minimal maintenance – a big plus in years to follow!

There are also specialized joist hangers and even track systems for attaching deck boards without using traditional screws and nails for a clean surface on top.

Don’t be afraid to ask! Our staff are there to help and we can lead you step by step along the way.

The Proper Tools

At Merrett Home Hardware, we offer the basic tools necessary for building a deck, as well as various other tools that will make your build easier. We’re very proud to offer Peterborough an extensive line of rental tools as well – from post hole augers, and wheelbarrows to chainsaws and cement mixers…so you need only pay for the use of specialized tools as needed.

Technological advancement has spread to decking, and there’s no denying, a new deck adds significant value to your home and lets you enjoy the beautiful environment that the Kawartha’s has to offer. The deck building professionals at Merrett Home Hardware are ready to help you transform your backyard with a new deck.

To get your kitchen renovation project started, visit us at 1460 Lansdowne Street West in Peterborough!