Drab to Fab with Paint

Paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to move your home from drab to fab. And best of all, any DIY’er can do it. With a couple simple tools and Beauti-Tone paint, you can transform your living space in a matter of hours. With the kids back to school and the beauty of fall colours around the corner, why not update colours in your home?
At Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre, our paint and decorating specialists will help you choose the best colours, textures and tones for your Fall project – inside or out!


Fall is the very best time of year for exterior painting jobs. Painting in the heat of summer can cause paint to cure too quickly, leading to cracking and pealing. Ideal temperatures for exterior painting are between 15C – 25C degrees. Paint early in the day to allow the paint to set up before nightfall if dew is a factor…and wipe down your surface in the morning to remove any moisture. Cooler temperatures make is an easier task – so whether it’s cleaning up metal railings, freshening up window trim or even garage doors, now is the best time. And don’t forget about driveway sealing – a great way to add instant appeal to your home while maintaining your asphalt before winter.


Do you have a beautiful piece of art and/or large or complex moldings or even a fireplace that you want to show off? Yes…choose a contrasting colour to draw your eye to the feature you want people to focus on. Choose a dramatic colour, something more intense, darker or brighter than the other walls in the room. Look for colours that contract but compliment the feature your choosing to enhance.


These colours are often used in bedrooms and rec-rooms to give you that relaxed feeling. Choose colours with tints of reds and warm browns.


Choose lighter, brighter, cool tones. Pale blues, pinks and off-whites give the illusion that the space is larger. Keep ceilings white in these spaces to lift the focus. Choose paint specifically made for ceilings. These paints have a heavier body, splatter less and minimize blemishes.


Want to have some fun?…paint the inside of your closets, cabinets and drawers a contrasting colour. Choose a colour that makes a bold statement. It is such an easy and fun way to create interest and fun without dominating a space.


Paint your ceilings a lighter colour than your walls and paint the ceiling colour down the walls one (1) foot. Finish off with a small moulding. Beautiful!


We have special paint and accessories for your stucco ceiling. The paint and rollers are thicker making it easier to coat uneven surfaces with less splatter.


Colours will appear one shade darker on the wall than on the paint chip. Don’t be overwhelmed. Most rooms only need two colours on the walls, three maximum. Use coloured accents such as vases, art, and furniture to add the splash you are looking for.


Use quality materials. Look for lint-free rollers. Choose a brush that is appropriate for the paint you choose. When choosing which paint to use… use the Home Hardware Paint Specialist. They can help you choose the right paint for any application. No matter if you are painting a wall, ceiling, trim, metal or wood, Beauti-Tone has a paint that will suit all your needs.
Don’t be fooled by expensive price tags or brand names – Our Beauti-tone line of paint is manufactured in our own factory, right here in Canada, where we control every aspect of our quality. We use top quality resin and produce our paints under stringent quality standards. Many professional painters in Peterborough use our paints because of our quality/price value that can’t be beat.

Drop by Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre at 1460 Lansdowne St. West and speak to our painting experts. You’ll quickly learn why professionals and home owners have made our store their ‘go to’ for friendly helpful advice and quality products at competitive pricing. We’re here to help!